Falcata c.200 BC



This is a rare example of a Falcata dated at around 200 BC.
The sword was "spoilt" before being buried with its owner, the blade bent around upon itself
either to render it unusable by anyone intent upon robbing the grave, or possibly
as an offering to the Gods, to send it to the underworld with its owner.

Unfolded the blade would be 19 1/2" long and the overall length approximately 24".

We are making a reproduction of this sword, complete with scabbard.

I acquired this sword from Ewart Oakeshott, many years ago, he told me it was unearthed in an
ancient cemetery in Spain, though I do not know the exact location of the find.



It now rests upon a piece of petrified wood, making a fitting stand for an ancient relic.
Three remnants of the original scabbard mounts were discovered alongside it.