Ray Harryhausen's Talos

Limited Edition Sculptures

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Talos Awakes

Talos is kneeling on the plinth, head turned, as he was when he first came to life
in the 1963 cult classic film Jason and the Argonauts.

Ray had started work on this sculpture in the 1990s; he had made the plinth
for Talos to kneel on but had not sculpted the figure of Talos.

The plinth was loaned to us by the Ray & Diana Harryhausen Foundation to mould,
for the figure of Talos we have worked directly from the original model.
Talos was first scanned and printed in very high resolution, the 3D print
then underwent painstaking, sympathetic restoration. Once restored Talos was
carefully repositioned into the kneeling stance, with meticulous attention
to detail at every stage. The whole process has taken us over two years to complete.

We have only just finished work on our original master for this edition of Talos
and are currently preparing waxes to cast in bronze. The images here show our
first coldcast bronze prototype of Talos Awakes. He has been cast
using the same moulds as our bronze limited edition.

We are now taking reservations for both the bronze and coldcast bronze editions of Talos Awakes.
In bronze this is a limited edition of 9 sculptures and weighs over 50lbs.
A half size edition in bronze is also available.

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We are also producing numbered limited editions of Frozen in Time and Talos Awakes in coldcast bronze.
The image below shows our first coldcast bronze prototypes of both sculptures.

Coldcast Bronze





Talos Awakes





Frozen in Time

18 1/2"




Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery from placing your order.
VAT charged at 20%



Talos Frozen in Time

The original model of Talos is now in his 50s and has suffered from the
ravages of time. This bronze shows Talos exactly as he was in March 2014.
He has been produced working from a high resolution 3D scan.

The figure stands 18 1/2 inches tall and weighs over 20lbs.
Limited edition of 9 sculptures in bronze.
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We have been working with The Ray and Diana Harryhausen Foundation to produce a full size
and a half size reproduction of a sculpture of Talos made by Ray in the 1990's.

The original model who starred in the 1963 film Jason and the Argonauts had deteriorated
significantly and Ray made this sculpture to create a permanent reminder of Talos.

The bronze Ray made for himself can be seen on page 216 of The Art of Ray Harryhausen.

For this full size reproduction we were loaned the original mould that Ray had made.
We have cast our waxes directly from this mould.

Talos is being cast as a numbered limited edition of just nine full size bronzes,
only twenty five sculptures will be made at half size.
Please for further information.






Full Size





Half Size

9 1/2"




VAT charged at 20%



To see a range of our Children of the Hydra skeletons click on the image below.

Hand made by Raven Armoury, Thaxted, England, in association with The Ray and Diana Harryhausen Foundation.
A contribution from each sculpture sold goes to the Foundation for the maintenance
and preservation of Ray’s incredible legacy of work.


Based on effects characters created by Ray Harryhausen for a Charles H. Schneer Production.
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