Stormbringer and Mournblade

Sapphire Edition

A Special Edition Limited to just Thirteen of each, Stormbringer and Mournblade.
The centre band of the grips are inset with black sapphires.

The image above illustrates a 54" Sapphire Edition Stormbringer alongside our 48" long Limited Edition.

All thirteen Sapphire Stormbringers have been reserved but there are a few Sapphire Mournblades available to order.

The waiting list for these swords is long but we are working hard to reduce it.
They can be ordered with a 25% deposit or paid for in instalments.
Please for further details.






7 1/2lb



VAT charged at 20%



Click on the image below to see our other Limited Edition renditions of Stormbringer and Mournblade.