The Stealer of Souls

This is the runeblade carried by Elric of Melniboné in the novels of Michael Moorcock


The blackened blade is engraved with runes.
The guard and pommel are blackened steel set with Lapis Lazuli.

The handle is wrapped in rayskin and edged with blackened silver.
The blade is 36" long and the point of balance is 2" below the guard.










VAT charged at 20%

This price is for a sword with full length engravings on both sides of the blade.

This Official, Michael Moorcock Approved, Edition of Stormbringer is Limited to Two Hundred and Fifty Handmade Swords Only.



We are also making Special Edition, Limited to just Thirteen Swords, 54" long, inset with black Sapphires.

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The Limited Edition of Mournblade, the twin to Stormbringer, is also available to order.


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The designs shown above have been developed and refined over more than a decade.
We have worked with Michael Moorcock from the outset to create his vision of these swords.

We started this project in the 1990's and since then we have been asked to produce other interpretations.
Some have been modifications of our own design, others have been completely original creations.

The example below is a preview of our rendition based on the Artwork of Rodney Matthews.

The waiting list for these swords is long but we are working hard to reduce it.
They can be ordered with a 25% deposit or paid for in instalments.
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Rodney Matthews Stormbringer

Rodney Matthews produced a number of Elric illustrations in the late 1970's and 1980's.

We are making a Limited Edition of just Thirteen of these Rodney Matthews Stormbringers.
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